Disk Inventory X tweets

Thomas Kelly

@lindzjo Use Disk Inventory X, great program that will tell you where everything is http://t.co/GFlpp5BA


11 years ago

Chris Denman

Needed an alternative to Disk Inventory X this weekend and I have to give it up to @DaisyDisk for being highly awesome!


11 years ago

Luai Hasnawi

Mac users can investigate their hard drive usage using a free app called "Disk Inventory X". I am using 50G in photos http://t.co/4vQRNOAp


11 years ago

Jason Blanchard

Disk Inventory X to the rescue. Again.


11 years ago

Daniel Espinoza

@tnorthcutt used to be Disk Inventory X, but it’s not available for Mountain Lion. Tweet if you find a good one.


11 years ago

Ryan Duff

@tnorthcutt Disk Inventory X… would be curious to know if there’s something better.


11 years ago

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