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BTS Jin’s LED Birthday Ad At The Incheon International Airport Is The Most Marvelous Sight

1 day ago

Alessandro Gassmann 🌳

Venezia,Matera,l’Arno che torna a fare paura... continueremo ad avere paura fino a quando non costringeremo i gover…

19 hours ago

The Daily Beast

The Kenyan woman whose image appeared alongside a child was confused why she was being featured in an ad for black…

15 hours ago


RT @Blytheyancy1: Marami na akong nakitang loveteam na biglang laki ang fandom. Bila din lubog. Parang yung AD lol. Mas maganda yung nagsis…

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Louie de Lafage #tacticalvoter

@LewisCapaldi You didn't get the Waitrose Christmas Ad gig though did you pal?

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