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aron nelson

Some of you may know me because I used to work for Opcode Systems working on Galaxy, Galaxy Plus and Studio Vision.…

1 day ago

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Rahul Gandhi

India’s youngest state, Telangana is known for the resilient spirit of its people. Congress is committed to build…

2 days ago

Greg Price

I have great news: Jared Bossly, the South Dakota farmer I tweeted about yesterday, WON his court case today. A co…

3 days ago

alwayscool II $MXRC

RT @atgoodm: OKX is proposing a new BRC-30 standard allowing BRC-20s and BTC to be staked. The protocol is open-source and available for a…

2 days ago


RT @solanateahouse: @TaiyoRobotics @StrataProtocol When you see your token spike to OMG levels 2000%+ as a project or key holders you shoul…

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