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Angelica Salinas

How Katrina and I are trying to find something to do tonight.. #Thestruggle

8 years ago

Madeline Wichryk

RT @Taytes19: I need a friend that'll do free things with me like go boarding or to the park or watch Netflix or eat fruit roll ups all day.

8 years ago


But to cry in front of you, that's the worst thing I could do.

8 years ago

charlotte taylor

RT @hipster_heroine: do you think I'm cute? breathe if yes, recite the bible in japanese if no

8 years ago

Mrs. Santa Claus

Please do RT @HipHazards: Can I play devils advocate for a minute?

8 years ago

Shelley Ryan

omggg i hate this! why do i even care

8 years ago

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