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Alex Symonds

@Doyley1980 @dj_dod @pritchardswyd @bongosean I might make an appearance on that 1, #JohnLennon

6 years ago


@Doyley1980 @pritchardswyd @bongosean sound as a pound! Will drive down as sleep on the streets

6 years ago

Donald Schulze

@cspanwj Wanna cut spending? GUT THE DoD

6 years ago

Bill Hillier

DOD dodged PBO requests to meet on F-35, then launched all-out critique: emails #Canada #cdnpoli #tellviceverything

6 years ago

Bill Badey

LOL Ki Ki, don't change subject. In the end a orderly downsizing of DOD is best dear ; - )) even for our son's@kwright39 @cspanwj @msnbc

6 years ago


DoD Schools on your mind? Listen here:

6 years ago

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