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Don’t ever let these people think you need em

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Mufti Ismail Menk

Focus on the right things. Things that matter. Not on other people's lives, their drama, problems & behaviour. All…

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RT @educanaya: y despues los globertos t vienen con.... son todos vagos, los venezolanos vienen y consiguen trabajo, todos tienen iphone, z…

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@t_ftdjhj10 @BTS_twt 🤣🤣 Que no fue Aoki... Jaja

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Just a reminder that @kobebryant was a walking bucket ... ✅ More 40 pt games than LeBron James and Kevin Durant co…

1 month ago

Amitabh Bachchan

T 3240 - "गलत पासवर्ड से एक छोटा सा मोबाइल नहीं खुलता, तो गलत कार्यों से जन्नत के दरवाजे कैसे खुलेंगे" ~ Ef R a…

1 month ago