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RT @DPMS: Need to update your rifle this fall? There's a little over 12 hours left to save big on everything on our website. To shop, visit…

3 weeks ago

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Shannon Watts

Despite protests by customers, @Kroger continues to allow the open carry of firearms (handguns and semiautomatic ri…

3 weeks ago

Dave Vescio

At the next mass shooting, remember... it was REPUBLICANS who voted to allow people with pre-existing mental illnes…

2 weeks ago

Adam Weinstein

Florida law bars firearms in “any polling place.” It’s in F.S. 790.06, a copy of which is mailed to every concealed…

3 weeks ago

Kevin Lewis

MORE: Airsoft guns are commonly crafted to resemble actual firearms, and are much easier to purchase. They are, in…

2 weeks ago

David #2ADefender

RT @AZWS: It's official! We got our #ShotShow2019 invites and are confirmed. This year we are looking for 2 people to represent AZWS as our…

2 weeks ago