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Elon Musk

Just returned from Cave 3. Mini-sub is ready if needed. It is made of rocket parts & named Wild Boar after kids’ so…

1 week ago

Elizabeth Warren

Every single judge on @realDonaldTrump’s short list for the Supreme Court has been pre-approved by right-wing extre…

1 week ago

Donald J. Trump

Getting ready to leave for Europe. First meeting - NATO. The U.S. is spending many times more than any other countr…

1 week ago


RT @simba4688: 최악의 경우에 대비한 검토 문건을 두고 '쿠데타' 운운하는 것은 경제 실정을 감추기위해 또다시 적폐 청산을 이어가려는 꼼수다[조선일보][사설] 탄핵 찬반 세력 국가 전복 상황 때 軍은 어떻게 해야 하나 https://t.c…

1 week ago