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Traian Brad

@libertatea Nobil din partea Pentagramei! Dupa ce le plateste abonamentul la netul lui Musk, acum le dau si bani de…

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Alex D.

@ChifoiCristian @bagadansfa @ruscornelflorin s-a întors academicianul acasă. S-au terminat banii milionarului in cr…

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aurawr | road𝓨

@goseumdokim netul !

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@r0manticc Netul juga

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Elon Musk

@Austen The problem is that the passive/index funds outsource voting to shareholder services companies, which are c…

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Daniel Dale

No, Trump didn’t follow the Presidential Records Act. No, Obama and the Bushes didn’t take millions of papers. No,…

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JUST IN: Former President Donald Trump has been indicted in the special counsel's classified documents probe, sourc…

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RT @FM802Roundtable: #FM802 SPECIAL WEEKS! / 📣ラウンドテーブル物産展!🌈ᵕ̈* \ 🚩1週目☝️ Twitterキャンペーン! このツイートをリツイート&フォローで DJ土井コマキのボイスメッセージ🗣が届きます!全員に!…

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RT @premium_life_7: / ⚠️明日最終日⚠️ #セブンプレミアムで地球にいいこと🌏🌱 \ 抽選で100名様に nanacoギフト1000円分が当たる🎯 ①@premium_life_7をフォロー ②この投稿をRT🔁 🗓️6/11(日)まで 使用済みペット…

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