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Charlie Kirk

California has all the characteristics of a third world country: Corrupt government No enforcement of the law—san…

1 month ago


Cloud Strife: A former 1st Class SOLDIER who joins Avalanche as a mercenary. Aerith Gainsborough: A flower merchan…

1 month ago

Alfredo Lecona

NO ES BROMA: Andrés Manuel acaba de decir que la votación a mano alzada, entre sus seguidores, para cancelar el met…

4 weeks ago

Golden Gordon

RT @fubar_news: @medialens People have always been the greatest threat and power against the establishment. That's why billions are spent t…

4 weeks ago

Ala Oueslati

Funny you talk about #MaternalHealth when #Malta prohibits abortion services to women whose lives depend on them.…

4 weeks ago

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