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\ #どらもっち無料プレゼント !/ フォロー&リツイートで10日間連続、毎日1万名様に、- ホイップと小豆の絶妙なバランス!もちもち生地の「どらもっち あんこ&ホイップ」が当たります(^^) 7日目は11/19 10:59まで!…

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キリンビール / KIRIN BEER

🏅杏さんも至福の表情を浮かべた😊 🏅金賞三冠の✨ 🏅うまさ- が当たる❗ (((金賞三冠受賞記念)))本麒麟350ml 6缶が 抽選でもらえる❗ 💡フォローしてRTするだけ💡 - ①@Kirin_Breweryをフォロー ②このツイー…

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RT @BBCPolitics: Jeremy Corbyn says that in the first year of a Labour government, a new climate apprenticeship programme would help train…

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Alejandro G Delvasto

RT @Bogota: Bogotá es una ciudad con un enorme patrimonio cultural y natural. Por eso, queremos que nos ayudes a elegir las #7MaravillasDeB…

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John McDonnell MP

Jayne has asked us all to circulate her film as widely as possible. Yes, it’s heart rending but it also shows her a…

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Sultan Mosque to offer space with bed, pillows & water for homeless to seek shelter at night

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Louis Fishman

As Netanyahu calls the Palestinian citizens of Israel an “existential threat,” Palestinian lawmaker Ayman Odeh twee…

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Wanted to go to bed on time today; decided to watch @Applegeek83's season 9 finale reaction premiere instead. It's…

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