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Kristian Winfield

Tobias Harris says here that style of play is the most important factor he’ll consider in free agency. “Up-and-do…

3 days ago

Marc Stein

The Lakers, thus far, are sticking to their no-Kuzma trade posture ... but let’s see if they maintain it with the d…

1 week ago

Trevor Lane

When we evaluate this Anthony Davis trade we have to factor in the free agency aspect of it. This could completely…

1 week ago


RT @MartyWardle: @NickBoles Farmers voted out as far as I was aware and is the new EU tariff free imports from Japan not having a bigger fa…

2 days ago

Ju Baby

RT @TheLakersReview: Patrick Beverley on what will be the deciding factor for him in free agency:

2 days ago

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