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Ronald Funches

Things I learned from not smoking pot for a month: 1. It’s easier to workout sober. 2. Days are loooooong 3. Dreaming is way overrated.

2 weeks ago

Pew Research Center

35% of Americans say men have it easier in the U.S. these days; 9% say women do; 56% see no difference

3 weeks ago


The gray November days do really make it much easier to sleep at 230pm

2 weeks ago

Steve Sellers

@DT2ComicsChat @qbreek Just find a character that interests you and look up the good stuff. Much easier to find jump-on points these days.

2 weeks ago

Johnny Mains

It's easier for a MP to resign than it is for a vulnerable person to get any sort of benefits these days...…

2 weeks ago

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