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"There are great days, good days, not-so-good-days, and 'It would be so much easier not to be here' days."

11 hours ago


"Work days are easier when they start and end on two wheels." Thanks Matt S. for sharing how you #FindYourFreedom.…

1 week ago

Soledad O'Brien

Some days I wish I were a bot. Would be much easier.

1 week ago

cliffe obed

@MuthokaTito hahaha easier to count 15M ballot papers in 2 days than verifying 40k form 34As

3 minutes ago


RT @maya_honesty: It was so much easier to slack off and still pass in high school. The good old days.

15 minutes ago

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Welcome @Resolut1on_ !

2 weeks ago


If I hit a quad one bullet this weekend I'll restart the OG sniping team

3 weeks ago

J23 iPhone App

AIR MAX 97 OG UNDFTD official images

3 weeks ago


My OG just went into a submarine in Hawaii wtf

2 weeks ago