Edam tweets

Kwon Daleessa(권 다리사

Plain grilled Edam cheese is undoubtly good for your soul !


7 years ago

Rebecca Ferdinando

@EmAtack jhezzz Em! All this pot noodle talk is making me want to get up & raid the fridge for cheese made backwards....... Edam


7 years ago

Shella Tanjaya

@RebeccaNatalia @oliviadevy edam bec (¬_ ¬͡)


7 years ago

Laura Jane Walker

The pizza is taking so long, I'm feeding my housemates slices of Edam left over from the epic Essentials visit. #truestorybro


7 years ago

Hannah Rochford

@Darcy___ "is edam a smoked cheese?"


7 years ago

William Paul Ellis

RT @WCBINEWS: Starkville and Pascagoula mayors wager on state title game. MSU Edam cheese and aspen bay candles versus 5 pounds fresh gu ...


7 years ago

Dean Sinclair

What do you call a cheese that is made backwards? Edam


7 years ago

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