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Sweet dreams, Lazaris.

🍂 Lazaris! Stop! 🌺 Don't chase her too far, Grassvalley! 🌱 She's headed the opposite direction from the Great Tree,…

17 minutes ago

Sweet dreams, Lazaris.

🌺 A new Jildia... Almost as if Lazaris was reborn. 🌳 I do hope you'll watch over Jildia. 🍂 We will! Please take care of Lazaris.

2 hours ago

Sweet dreams, Lazaris.

🍂 Then I have a favor to ask of you, Ix. If you happen to run into Lazaris, could you let me talk to her? 🎀 ...Gras…

4 hours ago

Sweet dreams, Lazaris.

>Say one day she'll meet Lazaris again. 🍂 Right, the creatures of Lazaris and Jildia can already live in this world…

5 hours ago

Sweet dreams, Lazaris.

🌺 We've gotta show Lazaris what Original Kanonno wanted her to understand about the beauty of creation! 🍂 So, until…

6 hours ago

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