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Daniel Fienberg

I urge any TCA members to remember and to remind me of #CNNTownHall — “Stand Up: The Students of Stoneman Douglas D…

3 weeks ago

Danielle Turchiano

I very rarely live-Tweet panels these days (outside of TCA of course) but NYTVF is doing a #BreakingIntoTV event to…

3 weeks ago

Jorge Gandini

Si se confirma esta noticia, los 2 Ministros del TCA q contrataron a sus hijas como sus asesoras, deberían renuncia…

1 month ago


@jiselleeemm Tca ♥️

3 weeks ago

CFiy_リテシア❄️相互&自発中 パズドラワンパン にゃんこ大戦争チート ツムツム代行

【詐欺師、格安代行者に注意】n 絶対に詐欺に遭いたくない- 方 絶対にbanされたくない方は 是非当方から購入してく- ださい。 実績はいいね欄をご覧ください。 #詐欺師 #拡散希望 #垢販売 OAUarL

3 weeks ago

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British Army

Members of the Scots Guards recently stepped in when William McLelland, who served in Africa with the Scots Guards…

3 weeks ago

NBC News

BREAKING: Famed evangelist preacher Billy Graham has died at age 99, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association tell…

3 weeks ago

Anshul Saxena

4 Judges did a Press Conference, Intellectuals called it Judicial Crisis, Democracy in Danger, Modi interfering etc…

3 weeks ago

vigreux laurent

RT @CAAtlantVendee: La soirée se poursuit avec l'association @L_Outil_en_Main #AGCL2018

3 weeks ago

Mike Green

@monamiCROISSANT @Surgetitan @4LeggedGeordie @dee_the_chosen1 @IlikeTacozMLG @Newsweek Look if we were influenced b…

3 weeks ago