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Chuck Schumer

.@POTUS's absurd idea to repeal the individual mandate as a part of the #GOPTaxPlan would boot 13M ppl from the hea…

5 days ago

Sizwe Dhlomo

Young people, please hear me. Do not buy the idea that having a job is lazy or a bad thing! If you can, get a job.

5 days ago

Jorge Robledo

VENDIDO EL PÁRAMO DE SAN TURBÁN Y nadie de "los mismos con las mismas dice ni pío" porque les parece una idea genial

6 days ago


RT @WinCollings: App idea: a map that leads people back to their own business, because clearly some of you are lost.

5 days ago

Jony Black

@angel88486487 @JinoGamerHC retratado por un tío cuya profesión es buscar todas las maneras posibles de venderte un…

5 days ago