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Desiree Westheim

Finsished listening to "The Red Necklace." It was indeed even more beautiful than the written version, tears welt up at the end. Beautiful


7 years ago

Lisa Ramdor

@kersdeen it's not the end of the world,but it may be the end of your world.Wenn die Welt untergeht,musst du auch die Story nicht schreiben^


7 years ago

Kyle Bailey

@Mike__Quigley It's embarrassing how easily I welt. At the end of the match it looked like I got attacked by an octopus.


7 years ago

Jeremy Harbert

Don't go in my backyard people. You will end up with a welt. http://t.co/9cA6FHSN


7 years ago


now my hand has a red welt on it, it will probably be a bruise by the end of the day


7 years ago


RT @YrMonAmi: Spooning is great. Remember to use the back of it to give the ideal red welt, else you just end up with circles and makin ...


7 years ago

Peter Cooper VW

This Polo must be one of the best deals going! In at our Hedge End branch, it looks mint http://t.co/QRZIQdE7


7 years ago

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