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Dead by Daylight

The #DeadbyDaylight Winter Solstice event has begun! The Entity has decided to make the repeated last hours of its…

1 day ago

Aleix Sarri Camargo

Rajoy's government (with 8% vote in Catalonia) liquidates Diplocat, a world class civic diplomacy entity that promo…

18 hours ago

Taylor Twellman

And you think @ATLUTD won’t separate themselves in the game of “single entity”.....picking up Nagbe PRIVATELY!!!! G…

16 hours ago


RT @TheQuQu: A big problem IMO was when the concept of "GamerGaters" was created as an entity distinct from "Gamers". An alarming number of…

3 seconds ago


RT @sbmeunier: Q: Can a "centralized entity" make good use of a blockchain? Your answer (and more) in CoinDesk's latest #2017inReview post:…

25 seconds ago

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