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Bill Kristol

"'A stain on the American conscience' isn’t just a characterization of what Trump did to the Kurds in northern Syri…

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Edward Luce

Such warnings will inevitably prompt lots of whatabboutery. Trump has set the standard for that ("we're not so inno…

4 days ago

Major D P Singh

Here laid are the other side soliders. The Imphal war memorial. 1600buried here. 65000Japs&18000Bri- tish fell dur…

1 week ago

Boom Boom

@emptywheel @GOPLeader His epitaph should be: "I think Putin pays Trump.... swear to God"

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Pressing Information

Descendents - Everything Sucks - Epitaph 20th Anniversary Pressing with embossed cover. Track B7 not listed on pack…

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