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@Samsung why can't anyone stop pop up ads on Samsung note 9? I wish I hadn't paid 1000 euro for this awful phone. Going back to apple

1 month ago

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Jon Krawczynski

UK v. Duke in Indy tonight. Tyus was looking for a flight from LA to see his brother Tre's first game. Couldn't get…

1 month ago

Carole Cadwalladr

UPDATE: So as @arron_banks, the biggest funder of the Brexit campaign, is found guilty today of data crimes & a ful…

1 month ago

David Lammy

.@theresa_may, why did you gag firms and charities from criticising you in these investigations that followed Grenf…

1 month ago

Hope for America

RT @SheriffClarke: WRONG. Acosta ATTACKED the President of the United States and @realDonaldTrump put this little puke in his place. @CNN h…

1 month ago