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Jon Connor

Random thought: if you apply simple LOGIC to everything thats going on in this world you’d realize how insane peopl…

1 week ago


@CryptoDadi @ArbitradeX PR company or not, it only takes 15 minutes by a regular employee for an update on the comp…

23 seconds ago


RT @oyerooh: love your life. take pictures of everything. tell people you love them. talk to random strangers. do things that you're scared…

1 minute ago

yashin 🦊

RT @hyjngkim: i want this whole thing to just end it's been a month and a half i want to see ptg whole and happy again i want them to inter…

1 minute ago


You don’t know you’re bad at something until you try it... you might even find out that you’re great at it. If you…

3 minutes ago

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