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Isaac Chotiner

These Maureen Dowd columns where she has her conservative brother write them are always bad, but this one descended…

14 hours ago

Paul Krugman

This is going to be a very dark and tragic winter — especially tragic because so many Americans are going to die un…

1 day ago


HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUANG JINGYU🎂 มาอวยพรพี่วาฬ #หวงจิ่งอวี๋ กันน้าทุกคนนนน❤️ 🎬 เปิดวาร์ป #HuangJingyu คลิกเลย 👉🏻…

2 hours ago

rori pierpont

RT @michaelcrowley: Tom Donilon told the Biden team a while ago that he’s not interested in returning to government right now and won’t tak…

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Sven Schwichtenberg

@SBahnBerlin Was ist mit diesen Bauarbeiten? Finden Sie statt? Wenn ja, warum steht das nicht auf eure Homepage?

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