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as @Sin_tel pointed out, the correct answer is "Ewe." maybe "madam-sheep" will be the title for royal ewes? 🤔

1 week ago

von Trappi

@ntvde Vielleicht bekommen wir ja doch noch ein Gescheites Internet Telekom und EWE Tel haben es in 10 Jahren hier nicht geschafft.

1 week ago

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Ted Lieu

Can a one frame, hand-drawn cartoon make you cry? If there is one, this is it.

6 days ago

Tony Bellew

It’s amazing to see how happy he has made the people in this video it really is! This man has a lot of power to his…

5 days ago

Caroline Lucas

You’ve got to hand it to her - what a perfect example of hypocrisy as art form

5 days ago

Angela Klassmann

@queer_de Er ist wieder da - gekrochen aus dem braunen Grund unseres christlich geprägten "Heimat" Land…

4 days ago

imran khan

RT @SohailRazv: Abu Hurayrah رضی الله عنەُ narrates, “When you wake up from sleep, then put water up your nose(deep) three times in Wudhu a…

4 days ago