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Garry Jenkin

Weltanschauung, Lies and Charts via @rightrelevance thanks @wisevis

3 weeks ago

Jorge Camoes

@chadskelton @albertocairo @sharoz @evergreendata @YAN0 @eagereyes @DataRemixed @FILWD @lisacrost In this old blog…

3 weeks ago

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Steve Schmidt

And when the American soybean market shrivels and dies it won’t be coming back. This is great news for Brazil. Tr…

3 weeks ago

Scott Dworkin

Sarah Sanders is whining about not being served at the Red Hen restaurant, because she is a terrible person who lie…

3 weeks ago

Chris Murphy

Republicans in Washington added $1 trillion to the deficit so that they could give a giant tax cut to rich people a…

3 weeks ago