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Michael Arceneaux

What an interesting way of saying after decades of both major political parties letting corporations drive huge wag…

3 weeks ago

Calgary Police

This is probably the most Canadian way to spend Christmas Day we have seen. We are so happy to be a welcome part o…

3 weeks ago

Stefan Molyneux

The original “immigration” was women from the home to the workforce. Drove down wages for men, meant that you need…

3 weeks ago


JAF様のありがたいまとめ 高速道路で逆走車に遭遇した際- の対処方法は?|運転|JAFクルマ何でも質問箱

3 weeks ago

robert shevlin

@levarburton I loved radio shows when I was little . On Sunday night coming home from the NJ Shore we would listen…

3 weeks ago

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