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James Woods

So yesterday I put high-performance tires on my Porsche. Service guy: “You probably wouldn’t want to drive in the s…

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Henry Fraser

Best description of David Cameron from Hugh Dennis, 'He's the kind of bloke to drive along the motorway and slam on…

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MUSIC ON! TV(エムオン!)

【M-ON! Recommend】 ★2018年11月16日~12月15- 日 #FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE「OVER DRIVE」に決定!!! #EXILE の #世界 #佐藤大樹 の二人をリーダーに メ…

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RT @BerniceKing: I’m hopeful. I believe we can build coalitions to create a more peaceful, just, humane world. We can enact legislation to…

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RT @LDquestion: [배포용] 포토샵 건물브러시 배포합니다 포토샵 깊이 맵을 이용해 간단하게 그림에 사용될 배경 빠르게 뽑아내는 목적으로 만들었어요

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