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Mark Titus

I tried to explain why this college basketball season is so wild in 3 and a half minutes. (We could’ve made this th…

6 days ago

John Gasaway

MARK JACKSON: There are people going to school to one day have a job like ours. And they’re learning stuff that you…

2 days ago

Fred Zinkie

The @astros still don't get it. They don't need a plan or a strategy for today. Just have each player explain what…

4 days ago

Roll for Sanity

This wasn't my boss. This was the lead who handles our agile stuff & has himself been mostly AWOL for months I thi…

43 minutes ago

yawn 🌳

@RogueRDG @momwithmoxie It’s ok for what I think it is but I don’t think he's got an eye for this stuff... Did som…

59 minutes ago

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