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@_AlexHirsch i was the weird kid bc i never really fit in ??? idk how to explain that, but i don't really go party…

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Deborah E. McDowell

RT @keguro_: (I wish we gave each other more space to feel and to figure out how we are feeling and also not to figure out or have to expla…

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Jolyn Bowler

@potus Can you please explain to your citizens why you continue to cover up things ? You know we will find out all…

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@colleenxdobrik that’s really sweet thank you, I’m just afraid it’s not real & I’m making it all up in my head and…

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🌸 Diggy G 🌸

Lila as a oc literally went from. adventurer who was attuned to the fae realm. to a lot of stuff in between to. a F…

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