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@zuc16th @MCPEDL I don't want to say this guy, but... WTW is happen to my phone??? Dropbox link and mcworld link ar…

10 hours ago

Conservative Kat

@groth1945 4. 1 thing to note, when Western values are introduced into 3rd world countries "it fosters a kind of fu…

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@AndrewYang For anybody interested in how our country is essentially post-democratic, read these books: “Jihad vs M…

1 day ago

TheHorsePundit 🌍

@shadihamid My worldview is very, very different than him to say the least, but one thing he wrote has stuck with m…

1 day ago

Dauntless 🌸

@Gab_The_Crafter The .mcworld one, please, if it isn't much bother.

1 day ago

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Rubén Sánchez

Vox envía por error un mensaje por WhatsApp a un centenar de periodistas en el que reconoce que le viene bien no ac…

4 days ago


Vox desvela por error en un grupo de whatsapp que le 'viene bien' no participar en el debate

4 days ago

Isaac Fouto

Gol ilegal de Llorente, no se puede meter con la mano aunque sea involuntaria. Por eso Irrati (uno de los mejores á…

3 days ago

Aborto viviente

@tessquare q te reis la concha de tu madre bue re enojada

2 days ago

Donny bin Nadasi

RT @Princeharry1st: Dear BPN, Sy akan menshare scr kontinue temuan ksalahan input di web KPU, yg smuanya mrugikan 02. Coba dicek lg, krn ad…

2 days ago