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@stephenpallotta @ValueAnalyst1 @fentrocity Some more African car manufacturing info. Note the EV initiatives...😁 /sE7JyiyTH1

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The BrainFacts All-Stars trading cards showcase the neuroscientists behind Learn about ed…

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RT @BBRFoundation: Recent findings may help reveal a connection between the brain’s immune function, #anxiety, and mood disorders that are…

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RT @BBRFoundation: A recent study of what happens in the brain when it learns from fearful experiences provides insights that can now guide…

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Pete Hegseth

I’m saying this seriously. This Mueller investigation is such a joke that I barely pay attention to it. Rabbit trai…

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CJ Pearson

Why do Democrats think of black people as inferior? In their eyes, we are: Too DUMB to handle Voter ID. Too DU…

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Because of Trump's Muslim ban, the mother of a 2-year-old US citizen on life support can't be by his side. This is…

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RT @22_Jman: Florida fans act like Fromm hasn’t smacked them two years in a row 😂

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RT @prodbyshattered: lox, florida

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