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Charles Robinson

Internet 2019: #Colts Andrew Luck retires at 29, OJ hits him with a fantasy football tweet that literally says “I’v…

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Auto Chess

Fantasy mode has been out for 7 weeks.😉 New fantasy, new thrill. Wondering which one got the fan base here? 🧐 Comme…

1 week ago

Nick B.

If you think this guy is wrong for making this decision based on "being soft", you're a Colts fan and it hurts the…

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Norma Hinkens

10 Gifts Every Female Fan Of Superheroes Would Love #WonderWoman #fantasy

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Cathryn (Gianna) Scarlet and Stormy

I have some new followers, so for those who don't know me here goes. I'm a 51 year old fangirl who grew up on comic…

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