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Sarah Koopman

@clubsurveys @summakhan1996 @sandychabane @GUUUFFIEE @la_tranquilita @TaraNur3 @Bos_LoveU @smren46 @Simran_Fariya…

1 hour ago

Riaz Janjua

@fariya_tahir4 @hirajafrii nice

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@joker_WB @fariya_tahir4 شکریہ۔۔☺️

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Rahat Daultana

@fariya_tahir4 Falsafa shaire nahi karta Log logon Kay doost hote hain

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Tayyab Khan ##

@fariya_tahir4 جزاك اللهُ

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Bill O'Reilly

When Mr. Trump leaves the stage, watch what happens to network and cable news. He’s the entire industry now. Without him, there’s nothing.

1 month ago

Michael Slackman

I am sorry to report that Amal Hussain is dead. The 7-year-old, featured in a searing photograph by…

1 month ago

Adam Schiff

This is what happens when you abdicate leadership of the free world. Not to mention basic decency.

1 month ago