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FaZe Jared

I’m a Tweeter. I Twit things. When I think of a funny joke I Titter it. All of my Totes are very important. Why else would I Toot it?

23 minutes ago


Also why can’t we just call it titter?? 😍😍

32 minutes ago


At this rate we are going to need a glossary for Cuttin Corners words. Titter tantrum? #90DayFiance

47 minutes ago

ɴ ᴇ s s | 💍 |

Responding with a sarcastic titter — playfully rolling his eyes at the man ; all the while wearing his stubborn gri…

1 hour ago

Game Grumps Simulator

there's a job as a bunch of me. it or not a case with a titter. Why don't know what a name? BECAUSE I'M A story that stand

1 hour ago

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