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We know it's too early to call best Halloween costume of 2017, buuuuttttttt ... (@russwest44)

1 month ago

Jessie Paege

Social anxiety isn't "adorable". It makes everyday tasks absolutely painful like: - answering the phone - raising your hand - small talk

1 month ago

Seth Abramson

Trump, who has lied to get out of paying even a million dollars, paid $92,000,000 to his social media-targeting guy.

1 month ago

أبو إسماعيل

"...barely made the bottom of the news feed." This is what baffles me. 230+ Muslims and not a glance from anybody…

1 month ago


@matamu0101 キャンペーンへのご参加ありがとうございました。 結果は、動画からご確認ください。 「スマギフ」:

1 month ago