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"Don't forget to show love": In a superhero cape, he feeds the hungry and homeless in Birmingham, Alabama. And he's…

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Jeffree Star

Wow... YouTube has started to change the order we see videos uploaded on our feeds 😢 Now it makes sense why half of…

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Tried for a solid hour to edit this so it’d look good on my Instagram feed (I know I’m lame feeds are so 2017) sooo…

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X - 🏒Darcy Armstrong

Gilman also is fillimg Dubas is old role and not Mark Hunter's by whatever fills and feeds your ridiculously biased…

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米朝首脳会談を中止、トランプ大統領が通告 「最大限の圧力継- 続」 記事- 掲載日時:2018年 05月25日 04時05分 引用元:Reuters ロイター トップニュース

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