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RT @Pacism: I love you is not a promise just a feeling, so don't take those words as a guarantee they'll always be there.


6 years ago

Sammy. c:

In other words, I'm tired feeling like I have to compete with everyone around me.


6 years ago


no words can describe this feeling


6 years ago

Joanna Oakley

Thanks for the kind words guys but...i have reasons for just feeling it isn't wise. I already have a name in being ranty.


6 years ago

Smoti Molefe

@malomile Having an amazing time in God's presence this morning on my way 2work...Words cannot express the feeling...Go get it my friend☑♥


6 years ago

☆ Varszii_Cartel ☆

“@reginnaaaa: there are no words to describe how i'm feeling right now”you okay ?


6 years ago

JLuis Licea

http://t.co/TBwoIis4 No words. Nothing else said. I heart this song with all to explain the feeling with words.


6 years ago

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