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Joanne Chiocchi

IT tools don't fit ACO's

6 years ago

Neal McGlohon

RT @russholt: The God of the universe is not someone to be molded to fit us, but rather a holy God to whom we submit to b… ...

6 years ago

I'm Gangsta

I often find myself trying to fit into some tiny blessing way in the back when God has a much bigger blessing for me way at the front.

6 years ago

Fitness Specialist

Good morning fit followers! Get up & go get it! #FitLife

6 years ago



6 years ago

Mica Anthony

@KiranBeri nah, they're fine but just don't fit properly-not enough booty space haha!

6 years ago

αℓyssα ℓιkє

I wash you, I keep you fit, I feed you, so Body, why do you hate me? **

6 years ago

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