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Mike Tokes

UPDATE: When searching for activity associated with the House of Representatives IP's used in the doxxing of Republ…

1 month ago

Kyle Griffin

Kavanaugh's Yale roommate: "I have thought a lot about Kavanaugh's statement [on drinking] ... Having witnessed the…

1 month ago

DC McAllister

Notice that the Google interns have scrubbed everything about Ford’s past from the Internet. No videos of a profess…

1 month ago

Sergio Salles

RT @annemariayritys: "To find yourself, think for yourself". ~Socrates #leadership

1 month ago

Poly girl in a Mono world

RT @joynessthebrave: STOP IT. STOP SCROLLING. GET OFF YOUR SCREEN. Go outside. Take a walk. Find an old manor house. Explore a ward…

1 month ago