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Donald J. Trump

The Trump Administration has accomplished more than any other U.S. Administration in its first two (not even) years…

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Brian Cox

We are in control. We can revoke article 50 and retain control of our borders (we are not in schengen), our money (…

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Bíng 💸

RT @ExquisiteYardie: I CANNOTTTT make this up. The Bible app has a Jamaican Patois translation and I SCREAAAAMEDDDD okay?! 😩😭😭 whooooo is r…

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RT @willis_cj: If you were on Twitter during this era, you qualify for a veterans discount

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#igot7 #got7 Best!!!!!

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Melania Trump

Thank you @LibertyU! What a great crowd of smart and committed students. Together, I know we can make a real differ…

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Lin-Manuel Miranda

Gnight You will make so many mistakes Real doozies Red-letter days, dotting all the calendars Learn and make new on…

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Hernan .

Recomiendo ver “lo que vemos es real o es una ilusion”? Dura 10 minutos ,narrada por una joven española . Imperdibl…

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The most shocking thing I've heard these days is that Allurance is real

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