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Deme the spoopy meme

@Chass4444 Venti quad latte 6 caramel 2 vanilla non fat no foam, but I also order it in person if I have time lol

3 hours ago

Spoon @ Blizzcon

@KlTAKI I think I’m going to try bringing it to fedex tomorrow and see what they say. Even finding a box is complic…

3 hours ago

Chastity Dean

@_babysloth Do you order normal drinks or some crazy drink with whole milk and three sweeteners and extra whip, no foam, craziness?

3 hours ago

💀Dr Jonesy Bonesy💀

@MxComan I think can only get it from Avon or ebay - particular mail order brand but it does work well with animals…

7 hours ago

Morgan Cheadle

Finally ordered Kohen's crib, but realized I forgot to order his memory foam mattress so now I have to do that🙂

18 hours ago

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