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Jesse Robles

RT @NiggerOwnr: #UofObamaCourses - The History of Food Stamps & Welfare

7 years ago

Cheeky Chums

history of baby food, Up until the middle of the 19th century

7 years ago

ミイズ(ノಥ 益ಥ

Bet apols real name is Food or something RT @apolxcore: I am always in any Filipino history books.Because I am a national hero /// #realname

7 years ago


December 10 – National Lager Day ====================== Today- ’s Food History ---------------------- ----1851...

7 years ago

Peter Watkins

I love talking. About everything. The bible, philosophy, history, my day, love, food, the list goes on...i could talk all day if i could

7 years ago

Jose Luis Santibanez

@Haley_420 I have the worst headache in the history of America ...But so far so good... I might go get food... Maybe that's why it hurts.

7 years ago


RT @ItalyAlexandra: Panforte history and recipe (should you be so inclined) #Tuscany #Italy

7 years ago

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