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【長谷川プリティ敬祐の意識回復のお知らせ & 4月 東名阪ZEPP TOUR チケット先行予約 再開のお知らせ】

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Donald J. Trump

CNN & others within the Fake News Universe were going wild about my signing MAGA hats for our military in Iraq and…

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【懐かしい】「はっぱ隊」復活!南原清隆&ビビる大木ら、元旦に「YATTA!」披露 フジ『ネタパレ』内で復活を果たす。はっぱ隊と出会うNEWS増田貴久の身にも「何かが起こる」という。

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RT @FightingTories: So after lying Andrew Broad will stay on and take a further $75K from taxpayers and this is supported by @M_McCormackMP…

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