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David, João Pedro, João Vitor, George Floyd e tantos mais. Ficar em silêncio é ser cúmplice, e eu não vou mais me…

1 month ago

U.S. Attorney Huber

My partners and I are in lockstep with Attorney General Barr. It is time to stop watching the violence and to confr…

1 month ago

Martin McKee

An unprecedented intervention by Association of Directors of Public Health - calling on UK government to delay easi…

1 month ago


映画「果てぬ村のミナ」DVD情報|「もう一度観たい!」「大切な方とゆっくり観たい」是非、「果てぬ村のミナ」に詰まった愛を感じてください。→ #だら #ミナの森 #遠州 #浜松

1 month ago


RT @PeopleHum: “I think we’re at a tipping point because I sense that the debate in the industry is about to change.”says @mattalder For m…

1 month ago