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Malynda Hale

I have a question. Why is mental illness and lack of mental health an appropriate excuse for a mass shooter but n…

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Scott Dworkin

If you’re anti-vaccine or anti-mask then sit down and be quiet. You’re why we have to wear masks again.

1 day ago

ellie cant wait for LT2

RT @onlyabbiex: i’m really hoping that Louis makes it so those who win tickets for his concert have to confirm if they can come or not and…

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GP999 Fan Station🧚🏻‍♀️

RT @xiaodebut: am i being delusional or does it make sense that bahiyyih and lee hyewon might've performed together because of their outfit…

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Harry Bolingot

RT @DrEricDing: 12) why didn’t we know about breakthrough infections causing transmission earlier? Was the CDC lying or neglectful & dereli…

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