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James Woods

Thank you, @CNN! I was trying to find this on the news and all those other stupid media outlets were going on about…

1 month ago

Carole Cadwalladr

BREAKING: This is pretty extraordinary. Parliament issues ultimatum to Facebook. Either Mark Zuckerberg comes volun…

1 month ago

Clint Smith

A list of 100 things you should spend your time defending rather than Bill Cosby or R. Kelly: 1) A woman’s right t…

1 month ago


@AzureAxel @Gachappyon @ZaeliaBranford @MikanZests @corodaroro In Overdrive Leviathan is much more likely to use Re…

1 month ago

Tiny Orin Dere

Send me fish and I'll be happy! Or corpses! Or fish corp- Nah, better not, nya.

1 month ago

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