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Ope Odunlami

The Aesthetic-Usability Effect is the first law of UX: "Users often perceive aesthetically pleasing design as desi…

2 days ago

George Kremenliev

Amdahl’s Law Augustine’s Second Law of Socioscience Brooks’ Law Clarke’s First Law Clarke’s Second Law Clarke’s Thi…

2 days ago

Phillip Hallam-Baker |

@pcolley_23 @baileycyber @notwaldorf One problem is that when Apple did its initial usability testing, their goal w…

3 days ago


@Ironbeard05 @ianhamilton_ @noam The first handful of search results for "accessibility" /U6SkmRstb6…

3 days ago

Nikolay Klimchuk

@albertedwards99 6310i is my favorite phone, usability was outstanding, first phone I wrote j2me apps for

3 days ago

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