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Forex Tester

All you need to know about our historical data subscription types! ➡️ RHmL

2 days ago

Forex Tester

Yes, you can use FT after you change your computer/reinstall the OS. We provide lifetime licenses so you can use th…

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Jose Luis

Forex Tester 3 - Professional Backtesting Software!)

6 days ago

Forex Tester

How to win with the MACD + ADX trading strategy? Read our backtesting results! EyP

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Forex Tester

Support and resistance levels: How to find them correctly❔ Read in our article ➡️

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Latest tweets that mention “Forex Tester 3: trading simulator for backtesting. Best training software that will backtest your strategies. A prediction app for learning on how to”

queen quen

he’s not just a good boy......HE’S A GREAT BOY OMG

7 hours ago

Michael Avenatti

When you lose your keys, you panic. When you lose your purse/wallet, you panic. Now imagine having your child forci…

4 hours ago

Shane Dawson

Nobody should have to email anybody to get a refund. Please do that legwork yourselves & refund every single person…

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@Lalarrabalera Que sutil ese escote. Invita a tantas cosas! Hermosa

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Rosie Betsy Pocketon

so another wall to wall sunshine morning today with a third day in a row for this sort of weather, looking like ano…

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