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@EGlazman @alanhahn Frank has the length and smarts to be a solid player in the league, but he is in no way, shape…

7 hours ago

Mickey M 🇺🇸🐻[Unbearable] []

@Ball05110972 @DvaeB @davidawfulbot @saltieseal @BBCNewsbeat @_CreativeAccess He's all smarts, no wisdom. He'll get…

12 hours ago

Hayden Jamal

@extraORRdINary literal answer: because making music is a form of intelligence that really doesn't correlate with book smarts..

21 hours ago

Tish ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

Logan's a big sap though, and he eventually fell for Bud's looks, his smarts, his generosity... he wanted to give s…

22 hours ago

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Joe Thomas

Great form, relentless...almost holds as much as I do. #browns #pancake

1 month ago

jomny sun

listen. if you have the chance to create something with your friends, do it. do not wait. the chance may not come a…

1 month ago

Mufti Ismail Menk

Loss is never easy. Loss of a loved one, loss of wealth, loss of a job. All these can break your heart. But don’t l…

1 month ago

Ali Ahmed

Cheap-online-shopping-free-shipping-worldwide ??50% off regular priced items ...

1 month ago

Bailey Rose

RT @ParisHilton: I have been so fortunate to follow in their footsteps & create my own path to lead me to the successful businesswoman I am…

1 month ago