Four Hour Work Week tweets

Emily Sarah Rogers

been playing hard a lot this week, time for a four hour session in the library to get my ''Work Hard, Play Hard'' balance right again

9 years ago

Jake Baldwin

I've also been told I may have the opportunity to work four 8 hour overnight shifts this week. I'd like the challenge! (and the money)

9 years ago

Morgan Benda

@theKMcnamee I would, but I just got off work a half an hour ago & gotta work early in the morning till four! :( maybe next week tho?!

9 years ago

Keegan Lampert

I'm four hours into my 36-hour work week...I already want it to be over.

9 years ago

Sam Webb

Shout out to my 60+ hour work week, complete with 5 trips to and from Cincinnati! Four more hours! four more hours!

9 years ago

Richie Devotie

Up the joys of workin 12 hour shifts is I have no life for four days of the week besides work and sleep

9 years ago

Chris Bruce

The Four Hour Work Week book changed my life

9 years ago

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