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Tonyo Cruz

The lockdowns made me regret all the time wasted before: time to chill with family and friends, to make new friend…

12 hours ago

Microsoft Excel

Canceling virtual hangout sessions is okay. Choosing to spend time with your spreadsheet instead of online with y…

6 days ago

B. W. Carlin

It’s 2007. Your mom dropped you off at the mall to hangout with your friends. You walk into Hot Topic. This song is…

6 hours ago

Taylor Thompson

@CydneeHillhouse I was up there in May, and nobody wanted to hangout but a few people 😕 I kinda gave up lol Arizona…

3 minutes ago

Eva Moa

RT @floomspace: Do you need a recomended place to hangout with your friends? Here we are, you can feel a new atmosphere in floom with a lot…

12 minutes ago

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