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RT @GLOHF: You can still function properly as long as u take ur drugs...

9 years ago

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RT @KodiangCekOi: gary steven robat xda function

9 years ago


@dear_llama IKR the minimalism!! ;_; And oh, it doesn't for me... also DM function is broken so it's quite inconvenient. ;;

9 years ago

Rosalyn PriceEnglish

The website now has a search function on the home page - if you're looking for a recipe or devotional, it's a great place to begin!

9 years ago

immaculate sibanda

Lmao sum1 syz 2 me " I cu livn it formal"& I am thinkn hw do u knw wen 1s lyf is formal or informal..sum brains don't function I. Swear

9 years ago

beth's manatee

Far too tired to function ugh

9 years ago

Tyler Utz

Can't wait for today....oh wait I'm sick and can't even function #deathbed

9 years ago

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