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Exactly. She genuinely feels other peoples pain, and she has the right to express her emotions. Don't make her feel…

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💞 حافظ جی 💞

RT @ilgicile: İŞte TÜRKİYENiN en iyi listesi FAV Grubu3⃣💯 @leri73368775 @WinSt- R34 @leonidas__00 @ilgicile @- benduygusuzz @atavratRamos4 @- sam…

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We hope someday, this mind set will end. No stereotyping and no judging. We only want to express ourselves. We only…

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Ronald Chenoweth

RT @MatthewLillard: Guess who landed last night?!?LULU! Ain’t she a dream??? Hard to express how fun it is to dream something up and bring…

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RT @onder_aydn: İŞte TÜRKİYENiN FAV Grubu3⃣💯 @leri73368775 @WinSt- R34 @leonidas__00 @ilgicile @- benduygusuzz @atavratRamos4 @- sametissiz @Amb…

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